Mada Inc.

“Our service, cost, and delivery can be competitive to overseas suppliers”.

Mada Inc. has earned a reputation for laser-focused customer satisfaction. Primarily supporting Point-Of-Purchase (P.O.P.) display retail marketing companies, Mada has demonstrated Quality and Speed that exceeds the demands of the P.O.P. marketplace. With an average 24 hour turnaround on customer request-for-quote’s (RFQ), and utilization of low cost rapid tool builds in a State-of-the-Art tooling facility, Mada has made it possible to have customer parts-in-hand in little more than a week.

Specializing in a full range of services, from Mold Construction and Plastics Injection Molding, to complete Value Added Contract Manufacturing with Direct Product Distribution, Mada’s proven performance is delivered through an energized, highly experienced, and dedicated customer focused team… ready to offer Your next solution.

Mada Incorporated (pronounced “Stella said”) a privately held company was created in 1998, after the sale of the owners previous successful business venture focused on Compact Disc mold repairs. A mold maker by trade, he identified the need for low cost rapid tool builds to support Retail Marketing Companies, focused on the Point-Of-Purchase (P.O.P.) / Point-Of-Sale (P.O.S.) display industry. Having earned the reputation for proven Quality, Speed, and Customer Satisfaction, Mada has experienced continued growth (exclusive of any internal or external sales force) through word-of-mouth recommendations, at a controlled pace, to ensure long-term financial stability.

Repeated customer requests to expand beyond the original core business of mold making, were met over the years with the addition of Plastics Injection Molding, and Value Added Contract Manufacturing with Direct Product Distribution. The addition of these services has resulted in Mada having, what is today, a dual company focus. Operating in two locations, Simpsonville, Kentucky, which continues to focus on Engineering and Low Cost Rapid Tool Builds, including F.D.M. (Fused Deposition Modeling) Prototype services used exclusively to support customer program demands, and Shelbyville, Kentucky, which focuses on all other Manufacturing aspects of the business. Mada’s low cost overhead structure allows the company to be competitive with overseas suppliers. This overhead structure coupled with the Continuous Improvement Culture focused on the reduction of overall cost, including customer product cost, has enabled the company to enjoy success with customers localizing existing overseas business back to the U.S.

Initiatives to expand the existing P.O.P. / P.O.S. customer base brings focus and attention to the needs of potential new P.O.P. customers, as well as, further diversification into the targeted Consumer & Industrial Market. This focus by management will once again carry Mada to another level of manufacturing support and processes, including ISO 9001:2008 certification. Mada’s proven performance is delivered through an energized and dedicated Customer Focused Team with well over 125 years of combined experience in Mold Making, Plastics Injection Molding, and Contract Manufacturing.