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Welcome to Mada, Inc.

Mada, Inc. is a product development company that is focused on plastic Consumer, Industrial, and Packaging products and assemblies. Based in Simpsonville, Kentucky (“Saddlebred Capital of the World”), our products are all made by Kentuckians in the good ‘ole U.S.A.! Mada is simply the owners’ son’s name spelled backwards. “Oprah hasn’t got anything on us…LOL! Except a billion dollars!!!”

Bulk Returnable Container

Bulk Gaylord Reusable Container Door Dimensions: 20 by 20 Optional Pocket lens.

Returnable Products
Coffee Organizers & Dispensers

Counter top K-Cup coffee pod holder plastic coffee capsules display stand.

Coffee Products
Door Packaging

Door Packaging Bulk Injection Molded Plastic Pre-hung.

Door Products
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